Thursday, August 5, 2010

Purple dusk

Purple dusk, originally uploaded by Sachira.

Recently, I had to change houses once more. This is my seventh home in a period of seven months. Every time when I move, I not only leave the house, the furniture and the neighborhood behind, but also the brand-new friends I make at each of those places. Nevertheless, I think, now I have got used to a nomadic life. After all, life itself is nomadic. (To be honest, I do miss the feeling of isolation in the barren, semi desert landscapes around Perth though)

For some extraordinary reason I always end up ‘camping’ close to a river. The Swan River I fell in love with back in Perth, Brisbane River in West End, and now slot in between the same river and the Moreton Bay. Rivers have an amazing ability to calm my mind down. Nothing feels more serene than going for a walk down by the river, at the sundown, listening to some soothing music. I do not always accompany my camera with me for such walks, as the urge to take photographs of the splendors created by the setting sun itself deprives me of my relaxation.

This particular day I decided to go down to the river, for the first time since I moved in to this new suburb. I was almost getting depressed of not being able to feel the wet breeze flowing over the water. Since I felt that I will probably come across some new landscape views, and to avoid regrets of not being able to capture them, I took my camera with me. My timing could not be any better. I reached the river just in time to see the faint purple glow in the sky left behind by the setting sun and, there she was my model for the evening, a lonesome yacht.

A yacht in Brisbane River at sundown around Newstead.


  1. "and, there she was my model for the evening, a lonesome yacht"
    this's cool! u know what, I really love these fabulous pics of urs plus the way u r elaborating them.

  2. Thanks for the compliment Nadee. I'm still learning to convert feelings and thoughts into words :)

  3. Hey Sac....
    Like the way you describe those stuff.....
    Interesting to read.....
    why don't u consider writing a novel or something.....? :)

  4. Thanks Sibba. Probably cannot write novels, maximum travel journals :) Long way to go though...