Monday, April 11, 2011


It’s fascinated me
As a child
It will trouble me
Till I die
Is it
The superficial me?
Much of which
I can’t even see
Or, is it
The within of me?
That’s always been
A mystery to me
Is it
The mind?
That hardly ever
Listens to me
Or, is it
The thoughts?
From where do they
Come to me?
Really confuses me

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I took a stroll

Newstead Park at dusk

Down the avenues I used to walk
Before I took a snooze
One that turned too long
I took a stroll

Spoke to me through my skin
The cool breeze so invigorating
Whispered me, the autumn’s back
Oh, I love her, and the spring

Among the last rays, yellow and pale
Like piles of hay over a misty field
Barred my feet stepping any further
The mountains westward, they glittered

Drizzled down the dusk, so did memories
Juggling emotion as I sauntered home
Through the leaves on the hedge
That danced in the autumn breeze

PS. The above picture of the Newstead Park was not the scenery I that made me write these verses, but the sight of mountains to the northwest of Brisbane seen from a hilly area in Clayfield. I unfortunately did not have a camera with me to capture it, and it lasted only a few minutes before the sun dipped behind the mountains.