Friday, July 30, 2010


Is it really the poet that composes poems, or is it the subject? As per my experience on that particular night, it was music that composed this poem. It merely used my mind and brain to process language and my hand to write down the words on a piece of paper. Thus, the poem belongs to this music, not to me.


Helplessly, I have drowned,
in self intoxication
I cannot see a way,
to break free,
nor have the intent
Lost among defilements, am I?
A heart that feels so heavy,
sighing, seemingly unending,
In my reminiscence,
I hear it playing,
perpetually, consuming me
It is no more the reality,
that I live in

Last week in this blog I posted a picture that belongs to some one else, although I started the blog with the intention of sharing my photography work. Today I am going to break the traditions again and post a piece of music in my 'hereafter so called' photoblog.

All the boundaries we know are created by our consciousness. In reality, every thing is just a result of conversion of other things. Matter and energy, in the universe as we know it, creates everything, and matter is convertible to energy and vice-versa. So, in that sense what is the difference between a photograph and a piece of music. They both are art. The way we perceive them, and the way they generate a sensation in our minds is the same. After all, it's our mind that creates everything we see, hear, smell, feel and dream.

With that somewhat controversial justification I am taking this opportunity to share a piece of mesmeric music. This track made me feel exactly the same as in the above poem, on that dark, peaceful night.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Dawn

The Dawn, originally uploaded by Sithara.

This picture is the work of one of my closest friends, Sithara Dayarathna. As an appreciation of his wonderful photography, despite the limitations of his hardware, I decided to post this on my blog. This simple poem happened to get composed in my head while I was drowned in its memorizing beauty.

Fire, fire burning bright,
higher and higher into the sky
Fewer the days that start so bright,
and, here a child dreams to fly

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Confusion, originally uploaded by Sachira.

The feeling of utter confusion of being amoung the network of roots in the mangroves gives a unique sensation. With that it is not hard to understand the role the stripes on zebras play on hungry eyes of a predator on African savanna. I stumbled upoun this mangrove swamp at the Nudgee Beach in Queensland, Australia. About 20km from Brisbane and facing the Moreton Bay.

Mangroves and the adjoining wetlands are important to retain the ecological balance of this area. Mangroves work as a filter of water streams that flows down to rivers, bays, or lagoons, while wetlands help controlling floods. These eco-systems also house an array of wild animals whose existence rely entirely on the preservation of these wetlands.

Apart from all that, mangroves provide shade, rest and a photo opportunity under its canopy to eco-tourists, as was the case with me that day.