Monday, August 9, 2010

Mystic lake

Mystic Lake, originally uploaded by Sachira.

I took up a self imposed challenge to walk 22km, up to the beach and back in a day, just to prove myself that I am still young and fit. Much to my own relief, I was able to do it, thus, convincing myself that at least I am fit like I have been for the last five year or so, since this travel craze began.

My destination was Nudgee Beach. The same place I described in the previous article named 'Confusion'. I walked along the main roads, among the busy traffic, through the towns, into a residential area. The chaos was gone, temporarily. Here, I ran into a couple of warm-hearted gentlemen, who raised their hats and greeted, 'How ya goin mate...', in fine Aussie style.

Continuing further, surpassing the residential area, I found myself in a dusty and noisy industrial zone. Though it was during the winter, the hot mid day sun was beating down on me. I had barely walked five kilometres and here I am, already struggling, exhausted. But, there was no way that I was going to give up yet. I had something to prove and I had to go on.

I had walked for about further two kilometres down the road when, all of a sudden, everything went quiet, except for the occasional truck carrying a heavy loads going past me. On my left hand side stood mysterious woodland. What is it doing right at the edge of this busy built-up area? I was perplexed. About hundred and fifty meters away more surprises were awaiting me. I hurried my steps.

Through the leaves of some tall shrubs and the trunks of some eucalyptus trees I spotted something blue, glittering under sun. The next few steps confronted me with a lake, so mystic, so out of place that shivers ran down my spine. I felt as if I was bewitched and could not take my eyes off it. An eerie silence surrounded me. Not even a sound of a bird or an insect. Where did all those heavy trucks vanish to?

Have you ever watched the movie 'The Blair witch project’? If you have, then you will know what I meant. After I regained my wits, I was able to capture this view of Nudgee Lake on my camera.

I wish cameras had a feature to grasp feelings also. But since they do not, I did some post processing to this picture as a humble attempt to portray those emotions I felt.


  1. At the very moment I saw the pic it was a BIG WOW that came out. I wish I could be there. Standing in front of the lake staring at the blue water while basking in the beauty. Am pretty curious about The Blair Witch Project too.seems scary but I must start downloading it. And yes, your effort is superb!

  2. Thanks for the comment as always Nadee. Yeah, The Blair witch project is an interesting movie. I watched it around 10yrs back. Its a strange sort of movie, simple and effective. You should watch it. :)

  3. Yes, it really was K. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Hi Bro,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    I too love the mystic surrounding. If you managed to avoid the black patch in the right side of the pic I believe this snap will look even better.( just my idea ok Bro. you have done a great job here :)

    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to see more pics form you


  5. Thanks Anjana, its really wonderful to hear from you and see you follow my blog.And you are right about the dark patch.Looking forward to seeing your grand work too.

  6. Hmmmm... Finally I'm writing on your blog. Sachira, my newest friend on blogspot, and his phtotoblog is becoming a different kind of place for me to visit frequently to checkout what is fresh and what is new, since it's contents are in parallel with my hobbies. So that I have to tell you one thing and have to ask you one question :)

    The Thing,
    During the past few days I used to visit your blog, I have addicted to your style of writing rather than the nice photo shoots.

    The Question,
    I know that you have an eye, which differently catch up things around you. (It is must since you are a traveler). So, no matter about your eye, but I would like to know what is your 3rd eye? and Is it just a digi or a professional dslr?

    Okay... tired of writing... See there... Middle right hand corner... I'm following you... Because I am addicted :-)

  7. Thanks Kushan. Really glad to see you have stopped by to drop a comment. Happier yet to see you following me :)
    About your question; I have never owned or operated a DSLR in my life. Although, once I saved money while working to buy one. Then spent all that on moving to down under :)
    Currently what I have is a very primitive 3Mpx compact digi. You can see it here

    See you around bro...

  8. I like the photo, and I like your story even more.

  9. Hi Sachira
    Thanks for the wonderful comment! very beautifully composed picture. I guess the only way for a camera to grasp feelings you had is by putting yourself in front of the lens. but ur post processing is very well done. will keep visiting your blog. u have great pictures and a great story with it! :)

  10. Thanks Pavithra. I enjoy going through your articles. :)