Thursday, August 19, 2010

City hall

Brisbane city hall, originally uploaded by Sachira.

To be honest, there is not much of a story behind this picture. But, I just felt like sharing it with you. Who knows, you might like it even with out a good story =)

Anyway, to talk about a few unimportant things around it, I took this shot one evening while on my way home after visiting Mt. Coot-tha lookout. Mt. Coot-tha lookout is a place where you can to view the Brisbane city and the surrounding areas, all the way from Moreton bay to the mountains located near the Gold Coast. I think it is the best lookout around Brisbane and I am really grateful to one of my friends for telling me about it.

Sadly, my primitive point-and-shoot camera was not up to par at capturing views at a long distance, therefore, could not get any good photos from the top. Although how severely incompetent this piece of equipment is, I still value it because, all the photos I have taken in and around Brisbane were the work of this humble fellow. (That on the right hand side is my camera model, Premier DS-3081S, 3 Mpx)

Finally, I think Brisbane city council is doing a good job providing necessary services to its citizens. Even though, my good friend from Germany has a few complains about the sluggishness of the transportation services, compared to what he is used to back at home. As for me, that leaves my primitive mind wondering, ‘how faster it could get than this...?’


  1. Nice blog!
    great angle in this pic.

  2. Thanks for your comment and dropping by silent moments.

  3. Nice shot!

    Transportation in Germany seems to be the best in the world... My husband & i saw a program about the inner workings of traffic control in Germany – specifically the Autobahn – on National Geographic. We were in awe.

  4. Lovely picture. And echo silent about the angles. Couldn't get more better. Post more often.


  5. Thanks Amaris for filling me in with that info. SO you too are a fan of National Geography? Same here :)
    Thanks Me-shak. Will try to post more often. These days I'm a bit tangled up with uni work.

  6. That is a very interesting building, even without a story to go with it. I like your perspective.
    Thanks for visiting my site.

  7. Magnificent architecture!

    Nice photo too!

  8. Nice composition! Love the tone of the pic too.

    Clear example of it’s not the camera that matters to take a great picture; what matters is the person behind it =D

  9. A great work as usual Sach!
    "Who knows, you might like it even with out a good story " (a vigorous nod here:).
    of course u really should be grateful to ur friends for giving such splendid clues coz we are so grateful to u for driving us mad by ur magical "clicks". {:)
    cheers, to ur humble fellow!

  10. Thanks so much Naදී. Hopefully soon, I also can give you some good travel tips about interesting places in this neck of the wood :) Cheers.

  11. The architecture is beautiful. Very well captured.