Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rottnest Island - Bathurst Lighthouse

Bathurst Lighthouse

The instinctive urge to deviate from the actions of a regular tourist and seek the paths less travelled, is how a travelling photographer captures sights and moments that would have otherwise stayed hidden from the whole world. With this however, comes free an element of risk of getting in to unforeseen troubles. Still, more often than not, it is worth it.

It took just over a half an hour for the ferry to arrive at the Island Jetty from the Fremantle docks. First thing I did after landing was to visit the information centre. I had to know what the main attractions on the island are and what the suggested tracks are for tourists before I could try out more adventurous ones. I grabbed a map and set out to hike.

Rottnest Island map [1]

Although I decided to hike though the island, there are other means of travel available on Rottnest like rented bicycles and coaches operated by island authorities. But for me coaches were out of the question. I was torn between whether to rent a bicycle for as little as 25 Australian dollars a day, and take up the hassle to paddle uphill and cover most of the island or; to hike and cover less ground while enjoying freedom to stray from the designated tracks. I chose the latter.

When travelling alone, it is always good to enjoy some music all the way. Fortunately, it is possible to listen to all of Perth's radio channels on the island. So, with the earphones in my ears, I headed north looking for Bathurst Lighthouse. The houses along the road, which were mostly occupied by tourists, resembled the ones at a coastal Mediterranean town (check the picture of the settlement house in my previous post).

Path leading to Bathurst Lighthouse

Bathurst Lighthouse, which is situated on a hillock in the north-eastern part of the island, had been activated back in 1900 after a series of shipping disasters in the area [2]. Currently, it is a prime spot for photography on the island. From this point, it is even possible to make out a faint silhouette of Perth city across the Indian Ocean.

Sparkling blue water cove beside the lighthouse

Just below the lighthouse is a small cove with a white sandy beach and blue crystal clear water calling the weary travellers to take a dip and chill out. It was not yet time for me to hit the water, but I was determined to come back here before the end of my journey. For now I have to head inland, where the next attraction awaits me.

To be continued…



  1. I love your writing style. This area is beautiful - the colors in the water are amazing!!

    Super informative & refreshing, as always...

  2. Thanks Amaris. Hope one day you'll get a chance to head this way and see them for yourself.

  3. Lovely Sachira, I'm very impressed by your work. The first is a jaw dropper. Looking forward for more.


  4. Dear marvelous traveler, I've been hypnotized by the cool blueness of your pictures. Please bear with me as I can't help feeling envious towards these heavenly journeys.

  5. Thanks Me-shak. I was really lucky with the cloud formation that appeared and the absence of tourists at the time I took the first photo.

    Thank you so much Naදී. I'm sure you'll get a chance to check out all these places one day. Cheers.

  6. beautiful colors, this is the very reason why I love blue sky, the reflection and visibility in the ocean becomes so wonderfully amazing. love all the pictures.

  7. The picture of the lighthouse is wonderful. I appreciate your determination to see more of the island, but I don't know how you could have left that cove. The water positively calls to me.

  8. Thanks betchai. Yes the summer sky in WA is almost always totally blue.

    Thanks George. I found out an even better shore line later in the south of the island. However, I came back to this place to have a swim :)

  9. Fascinating place! Even better photos!!

  10. Excellent place! Like all the pictures posted here.

  11. Hi, beautiful pictures.. i really liked..

  12. Excelent shots, great places!!!Salut!!!

    Frank, Barcelona

  13. It is great. The blue sky gives more sharpens to the picture. Another way it is like the sea.

  14. Thank you Kirigalpoththa, Dejemonos, Balaphoto and Shifan.