Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vineyards of Swan Valley

An English philosopher by the name Francis Bacon once said, ‘age appears to be best in four things; old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read’.

Well, I have been writing for quite some time now. Doesn’t that make me an old author, the best kind to read? No, not exactly? Never mind. Anyway, at least trust me, this old friend of yours, I’m going to write about something special today. And, what’s more, it’s about wine! (You can burn an old wood later while doing a barbecue, if you really want that as well)

Swan Valley, in Western Australia, is famous for its wine industry. A must see place for whoever visits Perth. Driving through the flat, arid landscape of this region, you can see acres and acres of vineyards, grown in perfect rows disturbed only by an occasional horse ranch. If you are a lover of emptiness, you will never want to take your eyes of this scenery.

Sandalford is not just another winery. It produces world-class West Australian wine. Perched among the vineyards it owns, just off the West Swan Road, it boasts a history of almost 170 years of wine making.

Whether or not you are a fan of wine, you can still take the pleasure in touring the winery at a cost of a few bucks. Their friendly staff will not only show you the process of wine making, in which maturing plays an important role, but also let you taste some of their excellent wines. Afterwards, you will get the chance to walk about the vineyards, and if lucky, see grape harvesting too.

Those who love chocolate should not forget to drop by at Margret River Chocolate factory, which is situated not very far from the winery, on their way back.

Those who could have a moment for a bit classical music, can check out this track if you like; To the one who knows.


  1. wow! what a wonderful account of winery and vineyards. as much as i like old friends I like work of "old" writers too and its proven right again...:)
    i dont know if i will like wine, old or new but it definitely seems interesting!

  2. Thank you කුෂාන් :)

    Thanks to you too silent moments for your encouraging words :)


  3. Charming place... :)

    The pictures are gorgeous! I love all of the different angles - you really captured the essence of a visit there.

    Sounds like my kind of locale: i love horses & empty green spaces. :))

    Lovely imagery...

    Thanks for the tour & mini-vacation. ;)

  4. You are welcome. Thanks for coming along :). Until next time... :)

  5. I'm not sure if I will ever get to Australia, but if I do, this is certainly be on my list of things to do. Your pictures are wonderful, and I like the thought of tasting some of that good wine.

  6. Thanks George, I hope you would really get a chance to visit down under soon. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

  7. First picture is nice. Those vines seem to be quite old.

  8. The first picture looks great.
    I'm from a region where wine is grown, too...but the vineyards here are not flat, they are spread over hills. That looks quite beautiful, too.

  9. Thanks K & Frieda. I think it's the angle and the colours that makes it look better than the rest.

    BTW Frieda, post a picture of the vineyards in your region one day. Looking forward to seeing them.

  10. Nice post mate! You are a great writer no doubt about it!

    Ahh the wine … lol .. this gives me some sweet memories of wine (and some more interesting liquids ;) and also about the WA as well.

  11. Oh! guess am late :( sorry :)

    well dis's something delicious just like a glass of old red wine. (hey.. hey have tasted once)

    I DO like to read what THIS old author pens down.

  12. @Anjana
    Glad my post brought you back some good memories. :) So you've been in WA. That's cool. I love it there, except that I can't bear its climate.

    No way, you are never too late :) Thanks for your compliments. Red wine is good, but personally I like the whites better. [No, no, I'm not an alcoholic :)]