Sunday, September 5, 2010

Food for thought....

It is said that, 'a picture tells a thousand words'. Let's see if it true.

I have been posting lengthy articles lately, and I could not help wondering whether I bore you out reading them. So, let me entertain you with something slightly different. [i.e., if it is entertaining at all :)...]

I tried creating some art with a few pictures that I shot recently. In each of them, I wanted to bring out a meaning.

What kind of thoughts do they bring you? Do they have anything to do with the titles I have given? (I'm sorry if the titles confine your view, try not to let them)

Title: Abduction

Title: Who am I, what am I, what is 'I' ?

Title: War entertains... (Are you not entertained?)

Title: Powerless

Couple of last words;

My view on the photograph "Who am I, what am I, what is 'I' ?"

Have you watched the movie 'The Matrix'. In it, the world the people perceive as the reality is in fact an environment digitally created. They say 'the truth is stranger than fiction'. Think about it, 'The Matrix' movie is a fiction. So then, what about the truth?

My view on the photograph "War entertains... (Are you not entertained?)"

Have you watched the movie, 'The Gladiator'. Can you remember General Maximus asking the crowd, after swiftly dispatching another gladiator inside an arena, 'Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?'. What kind of things do you feel about war, especially when you have something to do with one of the sides fighting it.


  1. Gosh! These are brilliant pictures. I really love the first picture. For me it clearly gives me a feeling of growing up. I love the effect on all of them. Perfectly done. Share more stuff like this :) Excellent post!


  2. Well I really enjoyed the pics though am not pretty sure that I really absorbed the titles themselves. I think that the viewer here is kind of confined to the titles given. I dnt know that's my point of view.
    These pics of yours tell more than thousand words. A great job as ever!

  3. wonderful! like the first pic best...
    and the concepts! now we are talking!!!

    The perception of self is influenced by our past experiences, our own perception of the world surrounding us and the socio-cultural background that makes us see the world through its own coloured glasses. so the concept of "I" is not an independant entity.

    What we see, hear and feel are all actually not what is truely there but merely an interpretation generated inside our brain by the neurones receiving information of the outside world through sensory organs. So what we call "truth" is actually fiction :)

    This discussion needs a bigger forum or i will be clogging your blog with my ramblings :D

  4. Me-shak, thanks so much. I see that the first picture brings you thoughts different to mine. That's really interesting.

    Naදී, yeah I think you are correct about titles confining viewer thought. I was just trying to find whether the pictures give the meaning I intended to give. Anyway, I should have let your minds take their own course. Gonna give it a thought next time. Thanks for opening my eyes.

    silent moments, I do agree with your view point. My belief (strictly personal) too is that mind creates the world. Thanks a lot for your input.

  5. Love the post! I saw all of your titles except the first one... maybe because my own memories with trikes are too ingrained in my memory: I just see fun. Fun, fun, fun… :D

  6. haha... yeah, that is also true in a way.

  7. What a great concept! I like the pictures very much, especially number 2 (because it is full of movement)

  8. Thanks Frieda. That picture was done with minimal post processing. Made it B & W and adjusted the brightness, contrast.

  9. Wow nice concept and a fabulous work mate!

    I too like the 2nd pic. Awesome movement capture and it draws you in to the pic.