Monday, April 11, 2011


It’s fascinated me
As a child
It will trouble me
Till I die
Is it
The superficial me?
Much of which
I can’t even see
Or, is it
The within of me?
That’s always been
A mystery to me
Is it
The mind?
That hardly ever
Listens to me
Or, is it
The thoughts?
From where do they
Come to me?
Really confuses me


  1. This is a wonderful poem with a great picture to illustrate it. Very well done.

  2. I, for one, like this poem quite a bit!! :)

    Sorry i've been MIA for a week, or so... I hope to spend this holiday weekend catching up.

    Love the pic, as well! Great post.

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  4. Somehow I was happen to be visiting your blog as well as your pics in flickr.I really enjoyed watching them it because all your pictures took me far away in deep thinking as it was composed perfectly.
    I love photography,but not either to be in a photo or to be a photographer.More than been in a pic i love taking pictures only as a hobby though i'm not good in it.But I really enjoying watching meaningful pic same what you have taken.
    When i checked your profile i realized you have not post any pics recently and i would like to request from you to come up again.
    Love you poetic ideas too...
    Proud of you as a Sri Lankan...
    Keep it up